Dr. Dilip S. Kiyawat works as Neurosurgeon at Jehangir Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra, India. He completed his M.Ch.(Neuro). He has wide experience working in various fields of Neurosurgery like Brain Trauma, Spine Trauma, Pediatric Neurosurgery,Brain and Spine Tumors and Surgeries for Back Pain etc. He has also experience in Stem Cell Therapy in various Neurological conditions. He is a Panel Consultant of Ruby Hall Clinic and Poona Hospital.

Neurosurgery (M.Ch.)

(Duration Six Years) 1973 to 1979

Passed M.Ch. Neurosurgery in 1979 from KEM Hospital Mumbai, India


While preparing for postgraduate examination in Neurosurgery (M.Ch.) at KEM Hospital I submitted a thesis entitled, “A Retrospective Study of 76 Cases of Brain Stem Tumours from 1950 to 1975”

1980 to 1984

(Duration 4 ½ years)

1985 till Present Appointments