Personal Innovations

Bose-Rajebhosale-Kiyawat’s Stereotactic (BRK) Frame

With the help of local technocrats designed and developed a Stereotactic Frame called BRK (Bose-Rajabhosale-Kiyawat) CT Assisted Stereotactic System. This is being used by over fifteen neuro centers in the country.

Halo Brace for Immobilization of cervical spine

I designed a Halo Brace for immobilization of the cervical spine

Brian Surgeon in Pune
Brian Surgeon in Pune
Brian Surgeon in Pune

Cortical Electrodes prepared in Pune (India) by me. These are used for recording EEG from the cortical surface during epilepsy surgery

Spine Surgeon in Pune Brain surgeon in Pune minimally invasive Spine Surgeon in Pune

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